Boats and equipments

Here at Paradise Fishing Lodge we run center console boats that are very conducive to our style of fishing.  There are MANY advantages to a center console boats, which are used by most all lodges in our Panama fishing area. They enable a much great degree of fast maneuverability when using standup fighting gear and perhaps help turn in and run down that MONSTER TUNA that may have different plans then photo opt participation. This is the style of fishing that 99% of all our clients prefer and these boats also allow us to get in close on some rock structure and tight places that would prove problematic for a larger boat with deeper water draft concerns.  Our boats are equipped with all the modern electronics that we need to put you on fish. We certainly have all the required safety gear on every one of our vessels.

Although many of our clients bring a few of their own rods and reels and that is fine, it is not needed!  We have all the top rods, reels and rigging needed to get the job done.  But we do understand that many people want to bring their own rods and lures to even do a little bit of experimenting with Mr. Marlin and testing with their equipment.  So if you want to put that drag on that new spinning reel to the test – bring it with you and hold on because we aim to put you on the “proving grounds”.

We employ some of the best and most experienced professional captains around who have generations of local fishing experience that will be put to work for you!  All of our captains and mates understand that they are fishing and working for you.  Whether you want to fish and troll for giant black marlin – monster yellow fin tuna, or bottom fish for grouper, giant cubera snapper, roosters or amberjacks and the list goes on, we will put you on the meat!  You just convey what type of fishing you want to do and your wish is our command!