The Fleet

Hook into Panama’s Bounty with Our Fleet: Where Every Trip Casts Lifelong Memories


“Embark on a Fishing Journey of Unparalleled Excellence in the Heart of Panama’s Waters with Our Premier Fleet. Discover the Thrill of Every Cast, the Rush of Every Bite, and the Triumph of Every Catch as Our Fleet Elevates Your Fishing Experience to New Heights. From Pristine Reefs to Open Seas, We Craft Unforgettable Adventures, Guided by Expertise and Driven by Passion. Join Us and Reel in Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime – Panama’s Best Fishing Awaits, and Our Fleet is Your Gateway to Unforgettable Success.”


Unleash Your Passion for Fishing in Panama’s Seas with Contender Boats

It all started here. The Contenders are the boats that have made Paradise Fishing Lodge one of the best fishing lodges in Panama since the early 2000s. Fast, agile, and reliable, they are the ideal boats to get you to the fishing grounds quickly and comfortably. All of our Contenders are outfitted with outriggers for anglers who want to set a spread and troll for trophy billfish. The center console design allows multiple anglers to be casting and fighting fish at the same time, which is ideal during our peak yellowfin tuna season. The maneuverability of the boats allows you to get close to the rocky volcanic islands and reefs so you can experience the best inshore fishing in the world. All the Contenders come with 4 tuna tubes and livewells, so fishing with live bait is never an issue.


Where Fishing and Comfort Converge: Bertram Boats Sailing the Waters of Panama

Added to our fleet in 2022, our 31′ Bertram is the first and only boat in our fleet that is not a center console. A classic fishing boat known throughout the world, Bertrams have been named one of the top ten fishing boats of all time. The Gulf of Chiriqui is routinely ranked as one of the best marlin fisheries in the entire world, so we acquired this Bertram so that all of our big game enthusiasts can now fish in more comfort.

This is also the ideal boat for those looking for a little more comfort in the Panamanian heat, as it features shaded seating in the cockpit and an air-conditioned salon, a dinette and bathroom.


Navigate Beyond Limits: World Cat Boats, Where Comfort Meets Catamaran Performance

Introducing the magnificent 33′ World Cats, the epitome of boating luxury at your fingertips! Embark on unforgettable adventures with these sleek and spacious vessels, delivering unmatched comfort, exceptional performance, and the ultimate cruising experience on the water. Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of nautical paradise with our latest additions to the marina fleet!

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and thoughtfully designed amenities, each moment spent aboard becomes a seamless blend of sophistication and serenity. From sunrise fishing excursions to sunset cocktails under an open sky, the 33′ World Cats are not just vessels; they’re gateways to a lifestyle characterized by elegance and exploration.