Frequently Asked Questions

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“Info & FAQs”


Booking will be secured with a 50% deposit and balance payment will be due 90 days prior to arrival.


Cancellations affect us greatly, we will accept cancellations In writing with at least 120 days prior to arrival date minus a $600 per person cancellation fee.

119 days or less of your arrival at Paradise Fishing Lodge, all payments made on your trip will be non-refundable.


Gratuities are earned and very much appreciated.

The suggested tip for Boat Crews is between USD 200-250 per day per boat (not per person). This covers captain and mate.

This is normally given directly to the captains at the end of your trip. We suggest bringing cash for all gratuities.

For the lodge staff, we suggest $50 per day per person. 

This will be collected and divided amongst the entire team that makes your stay happen (cooks, gardeners, mechanics, cleaning staff).

If you feel they did an excellent job, you are free to tip more and it will be very much appreciated.

Cash tips are much preferred over credit card. There are no ATMs on site so please plan accordingly.


As a tourist, you will have no difficulty with the currency “exchange” because there is none. Panama has adopted the U. S. dollar as their currency, though locals call the dollar a “Balboa” after the famous explorer. Credit cards are accepted at the finer hotels and restaurants in Panama City. Otherwise, it is best to carry a large supply of smaller denomination bills – nothing larger than $20’s. Bills of $50 and $100 can be hard to spend or exchange throughout the country!


English is considered Panama’s second language. In Panama City you can expect the people in the nicest hotels, bars and restaurants to speak English fluently. Once outside of the cities, you may find it helpful to have brushed up on your Spanish, as you are in Latin America.


Panama’s weather is tropical, with daytime temperatures averaging around 85° to 90° on the ocean, and only about five to 10 degrees cooler at night. December through April is the dry season, often with little or no rain. The other months of the year can be quite humid, with tropical rain showers in the afternoons, some of which can be quite strong, but usually of short duration. You would be EXTREMELY well served to bring a sun screen with a SPF rating of fifty ( 50 ) or higher. Preferably SPF: 70-80 – Also don’t forget the lip protectant!


The people of Panama are friendly and the crime rate is low. Panama City is a large metropolis, so just as you would in any big city, exercise caution. In the central banking and shopping district (where you will be staying), you can feel very safe. If you go out at night, just take one of the many friendly cabs. In David, you are generally safe day and night but as anywhere on the planet you should always exercise due diligence and caution when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings.

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